November 06, 2008

giant robots make me nervous, sometimes

Welcome to the spot in blogland that was once known as "giant robots make me nervous, sometimes." Apparently, Google had been telling me for months that support for my template was about to end and that I needed to update, but their warnings sat unread in my junk folder until one day a few weeks ago - poof! it was all gone...and so I start again.
Honestly, I'm glad for the chance to reboot, as the place had begun to turn into a standard book blog and that was never my intent or desire. Over the coming months, I'll repost some of my favorites essays from the old days (let me know if there's anything in particular that you'd like to see), but I plan on mostly writing about the things that are currently bouncing around in my head - you have been warned.

...oh, and in case you were wondering about the new title, it comes from a phrase etched into the run-out groove on the Smith's single for "William, It Was Really Nothing." I had planned on using it as the title of an upcoming essay about the band, but I was kinda stuck for a new name and so here we are...


ken said...
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b said...

ken!!! i'm so glad to see you back, and really relieved, too! i was really worried when your old blog stopped being accessible. i'm really looking forward to what you'll be doing here. and the new design is really great-- love the picture at the top! (who is the artist?)

can't wait for the christmas stocking! happy start of the holidays :)