February 12, 2009

In your eyes there's a sadness enough to kill the both of us...

Oh What Joy! Oh What Bliss! A Brand New Camera Obscura song!

This morning started out on a gloomy note, but you know, there's nothing like a little dreamy twee-pop to get you through one of those days…and no one makes music dreamier than Glasgow’s Camera Obscura. Once again, vocalist Tracy Anne Campbell manages to make sadness sound sweet and romantic in a way that most of her contemporaries just can't match...

Entitled My Maudlin Career, this is the band's fourth studio record, and will see release on April 28. By all accounts, it promises to pick up where Let’s Get Out of This Country (2006) left off…and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

The song-list for the album is as follows:
1. French Navy 2. The Sweetest Thing 3. You Told A Lie 4. Away With Murder 5. Swans 6. James 7. Careless Love 8. My Maudlin Career 9. Forest And Sands 10. Other Towns And Cities 11. Honey In The Sun

The advance track, "My Maudlin Career", is a wee bit of wistful melancholy, filled with all those deliciously layered sound-scapes that make their music pure pop perfection.
Who knew that persistent despair could be so charming and cute!

watch the video for the song "If Looks Could Kill" from Let's Get Out of This Country...

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